Friday, December 17, 2010

Thankful for…

1. My granddaughter had craft day at school today. I was happy for the invite. We made gingerbread houses.

2. Running water is a blessing when you think of other countries where the water is contaminated and unsafe to drink.

3. A warm place to live in cold, windy New England, this year our season went from very mild fall to WINTER!

4. God’s convicting Word – I had a situation where I was wrong. I prayed and asked the Lord to teach me and show me the correct way. My Bible reading for the day gave me the answer, reading my devotionals gave me the answer. I attended Bible study, where again God showed me my wrong and what to do about it. Praise Him for His convicting Word. We need to be tenderhearted and willing to be lead by the Spirit.

5. Little children – I love to watch children and the reactions they have to everything, whether it is people, simple toys or a piece of candy.

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