Friday, July 5, 2013

Gospel gems – The compassion of Jesus

33 And the people saw them (Jesus & disciples) departing, and many knew him, and ran afoot thither out of all cities, and outwent them, and came together unto him. 34 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things. Mark 6:33-34

Jesus and the disciples were so busy doing God’s work they had no time to rest or even to eat. Crowds and crowds of people came to see the miracles and hear the words. It was time for a rest period. The only way to get a break was to leave the area and go somewhere to have a time of respite (Mark 6:31).

The people noticed them leaving and started to run after Jesus. Instead of saying, “I need a few minutes to get away” Jesus was “moved with compassion” and took the opportunity to teach the people “many things.”

Compassion from the Greek means to have the bowels yearn, that is, (figuratively) feel sympathy, to pity: - have (be moved with) compassion.

Christ was overcome  with emotion when He saw the hunger of the people. The physical hunger as well as the spiritual hunger.

Jesus is compassionate to us today. He is waiting with open arms to forgive and welcome us to His kingdom.

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