Sunday, November 3, 2013

Always Giving Thanks

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:20

I love thanksgiving. It is the only holiday that we truly have to give Praise, Glory and Thanks to the Heavenly Creator. In my lifetime Thanksgiving has changed. When I was a child it was a huge family time with family traveling to be with other family members. It was a time of high school Thanksgiving football games with rival teams from other towns. Everyone would go to the football games to meet up with old friends and acquaintances because everyone went back to their home town to be with family on Thanksgiving. When we got home to have the big meal the main theme was not the turkey or the desserts but bowing our heads and thanking God for the year that past and looking toward to the coming year.

Yes, there are still families that do all of the above and more, but unfortunately most leave out the most important Element, God. Listen, to the TV or the radio and the announcers will go on and on about being thankful, but God is never mention.

During the month of November I am dedicating my blog to Thanksgiving. I will post items of thanks; pictures, quotes, verses, lists etc. please feel free to leave comments with your “thankful" items.

Ideas for November:
©  Keep a “thankful” journal
©  Write “thank you” notes to others that have “blessed you”
©  Do the Joy Dare Challenge
©  Give “thanks” in everything

Have a thankful day,

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